$100 Suit vs. $1,000 Suit


Hello all!

You probably ask yourself: why should I buy a $1,000 suit when I can get one for $100 from H&M? For someone on a budget, a thousand dollars is an outlandish price to pay for fashion- believe me I get it. But there are key differences that make buying a more expensive suit sound like a better deal at the end of the day. Before throwing out that idea, it’s important to know exactly what makes it so different from a lower- priced suit.

$100 Suit

  • It is put together in 2-3 hours max, most often in a factory.
  • It is fully machine-made and there is no handwork involved in making it.   
  • The fabric used to make it is very cheap. The lining is often polyester, nylon, or some other artificial fiber. Also the buttons are plastic. 
  • The interlining is glued to the fabric which traps body heat and leads to excessive sweating. Ultimately, it can come undone as bubbles form on the lapels of the jacket.   
  • Overall it is less comfortable, stiffer, and restricts movement. 


$1,000 Suit

  • The time put into making it ranges from 8 to 30 hours.
  • Handwork is apparent in its decorative elements such as hand-sewn buttonholes.
  • You can feel the difference in the fabric of this suit compared to the lower priced one. t is soft and comfortable to wear.          
  • Hand sewing allows for greater flexibility and adaptation to your body for an elegant look and a comfortable fit.
  • The interlining is either half canvas or full canvas.
  • Half canvas is typically made from horsehair, cotton, or wool and it is sewn to the fabric. Full canvas interlining is sewn throughout the jacket.