Custom Alterations You Say??


So what are custom alterations? Well, custom alterations are inspired by custom clothing for starters. I coined this term several years ago and never knew it was a thing. Before I knew what they were, I loved a wide collar (cutaway) on my power shirts (more on those later) because it stood out and mimicked what the smart British bankers wore on the latest BBC interview. Circa 2000, I couldn't afford custom clothing with the cutaway collar or a tailored cut so I took it to the local tailor shop and said, "can you do this?" I was obliged, yet without any guidance or consultation about my options or the appropriate tie knot for this. This is indeed "custom" and to a degree bespoke. Custom alterations run the gambit, things you can do:

  • Tailor the sides of your dress shirt
  • Taper the arms of your dress shirt
  • Add darts to your dress shirt
  • Add flutter sleeves to a dress/gown
  • Add colored piping to a ladies suit coat
  • Completely redesign a ladies dress or highconsign (high-end consignment) pieces.
  • Remove pleats from your trousers (results will vary)
  • Adding double vents to a non-vented sport-coat etc..

Here at GTDR we're cooking up some really sexy custom tailoring options beyond the aforementioned list, stay tuned!