Can I Wear a Pinstriped Suit Yet?

Pinstripe suits are a good business choice for anyone. Chalk stripes are among my favorites (featured here) assuming they're in a conservative color like charcoal or navy. If you're in law,politics, or finance in the Triangle, a more subtle pinstripe is the go-to. Leave the black pinstripes and stark chalk stripes for New York, unless you're 100% able to pull it off with out being off-putting... Please avoid the cheap looking pinstriped "suits" (slacks are a different matter) that have stripes less than an 1/8inch apart. I see these all the time at the latest department store sale and clearance rack. Not to be a jerk, but please know that some patterns just look cheap and ill-timed, and lastly dude, its usually $89 for a reason. Just call us or text us a picture and one of our stylists/fit advisors can advise you-its free.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the pinstripe suit is theorized to have originated from banking uniforms? One director of a Saville Row tailoring house states  "In the 19th Century on the High Street, striped trousers were worn in the city with a morning coat, and each bank identified themselves with a different type of stripe" .

Lastly, do remember that pinestriped ensembles are slightly less malleable in terms of what shirt/tie you can pair. Your best bet is to go with ancrisp white shirt featuring a spread collar, patterned tie (NOT geometric shapes or stripes) and a smart pair of captoe or wing-tipped oxfords. Text our iStyling number at 919.951.4755 for details on where to grab a pair!





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