TossOrTailor™ Program for Executives


TossOrTailor™ Closet Edit


1. After a brief discussion about what your wardrobe goals are and why how we got here, we'll perform an extensive industry/lifestyle/body- type framed closet edit. We’ll decide what items need purging. Tossing


2. Clothing that makes the cut are fit for alterations/tailoring based on timeless style best practices, lifestyle functionality, and your industry appropriateness. Tailoring

 *Purged items will be bagged for you to donate


3. Gaps created from TossOrTailor™ edit will be replaced by new custom/bespoke garment selection design:





If the thought of lugging 15-20 garments to the tailorshop in a swarm of people scares you and/or you’re not sure what items in your closet are  appropriate or dated; rest easy and book your TossOrTailor™ Closet Edit today