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now introducing new services!

Glenwood South Tailors is now presenting two new services to provided to our customers. We now provide Subscription Services and Men by Mail Services.

Subscription Services:
Clients are charged on a monthly basis based on 3 tiers of simple repairs (up to 10 items per month). Clients bring their items into the shop. Once the 10 item repair maximum is reached in a month, regular charges will apply

The tiers are as follows:

  • Tier 1

    • Re-attachment

    • Hem/Seam Repair

    • Short Zipper Replacement

  • Tier 2

    • Tier 1 Services included

    • Standard Holes/Tears

    • Long Zipper Replacement

    • Neck Ties

  • Tier 3

    • Tier 1 Services included

    • Tier 2 Services included

    • Delicate Holes/Tears

    • Jean Rivets

Mend by Mail Services:

Clients pay for their separate repair services ($30 minimum) and mail us their items to be repaired. Once services are payed for online, we ship a box with a return label to the client for them to ship us their items. A $30 minimum is required for this service, there is no maximum. All services are separate from basic request services made to Glenwood South Trailers.


Below is a listing of everything covered by these individual services!

Subscription Services will provide:

  • Re-attachment – We will reattach or reinforce snaps, buttons, hook and bar fasteners, belt loops, and trim to complete your garment (jean rivet fasteners are a separate service). Couldn’t find the lost button? Don’t worry, we can closely match a new button or fastener to the rest, or we can add a totally new set to update your look.

  • Jean Rivets—If you managed to rip out the rivet fastener on your favorite pair of jeans, we can reinforce a new one.

  • Hem & Seam Repair—We can tack up a falling hem or re-stitch a seam that has given way anywhere on any of your favorite garments.

  • Holes & Tears— Using a zig-zag stitch, we will use expertly matched thread to close up any holes and tears you may have accrued in your standard garments (such as trousers, shirts, jackets, and jeans*). We can also use a There will be an extra charge for more delicate fabrics (such as silk, lace, cashmere, wool).

*If we deem the denim of your jeans to be too weak for repair, we will decline the service.

  • Broken Zipper—We can repair or replace the zipper in your garment. Long zippers, like those in a dress or jacket, will be an extra charge compared to short zippers, such as those on a pair of trousers.

  • Neck Ties—To get you in line with the times, we can make your favorite neck tie slimmer as well as repair the back loop.

Mail in services will provide:

Reattach or reinforce button, snaps, or hook and bar fasteners

  • Reattach or install new rivets in jeans

  • Repair belt loops

  • Reattach trim

  • Repair falling hem

  • Install heel tape on hems

  • Repair seams

  • Repair back loop on neck tie

  • Make neck tie slimmer

  • Repair short zipper (such as on a pair of trousers or skirt)

  • Repair long zipper (such as on a dress or jacket)

  • Mend holes in standard fabrics

  • Mend holes in delicate fabrics (such as silk, lace, cashmere, wool)

  • Patch over holes smaller than 5 inches. in diameter

  • Re-hem suit coat lining

  • Re-hem skirt lining